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Dungeon Faster v1.120 (Mod Apk)

Dungeon Faster
Dungeon Faster v1.120 (Mod Apk) DUNGEON FASTER is the original hybrid between card game, dungeon crawler and puzzle game. And it’s a roguelike game like a hell …
+ Single player game – long dungeon – small rooms
+ You can play few secs or few hours
+ Automatic progress saving after every room
+ New content discovering
+ Lot of possibilities – heroes leveling, deckbuilding, looting
+ Your brain could help you
+ No internet connection needed.
+ No ads, free to play and win
+ Payment only if you want support a developer (one man)
HEROES – you can choose one hero from four basic characters and try to defeat the main boss in dungeon. This character will use his pack of cards during his adventure underground. Each character has a special card and skills.
CARDS -collect magic runes, coins and gold teeth and use these for playing cards to improve your hero or damage enemies. Of course you can build your card deck and try another ways to defeat all enemies .
DUNGEON – Dungeon contains many rooms with different amount of tiles.
By gradual uncovering the tiles you search various bonuses, the key and the door to the next room, etc. Attention! You are in enemy territory! Tiles of course are hiding the traps and other unpleasant surprises.
ITEMS – The rooms hide different items that can strengthen your hero, but of course it can also hurts the hero very much. This is good to avoid it. It is up to you to find out during the game how to do that. Some items in the rooms bring new cards to your hero’s deck of cards.
ENEMIES – Many of enemies… and all are dangerous, you know …
FIGHT – If you have not discovered the boss or his minions yet, you can explore the room and try to improve your hero. But as soon as you run into enemies, it’s time for the fight.
More informations and news:
Dungeon Faster
Dungeon Faster
Dungeon Faster
Dungeon Faster
Dungeon Faster
Dungeon Faster
1. Skill Cost 0 gold
2. Diamond up
3. Coin Up
4. Skip Tutorial

Install Step:
1. Uninstall Original version
2. Install Mod apk

1. I dont know how to play
2. I didnt test the diamond and coin because .. back to no 1
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