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MX player

MX Player APK

The description of mx player

MX Player is an Indian OTT platform and a global offline video player, created by J2 Interactive and owned by Times Internet, the digital media division of Times Group. It has a base of 350+ million users in India in short it is an application which is used to play videos both offline and online. mx player is number 1 app currently in video player category. you will find this awesome video player in almost every smartphone installed in it 

MX Player is a video player developed by South Korea-based company J2 Interactive. It features advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support, offline video viewing capabilities and we can even play online videos in it. it is ultimate powerful video player with many interesting features

this app works on many operating system such as Android,windows,tizen etc. the company j2 interactive had launched many different versions of  it they are mx player pro... and many it is safer and faster video player and best at night times

Main Features you might like:

baby protection
if your child wants to see a video and he/she clicks wrong thing here this feature will be work if you enable this then the video will play safely and if you want to disable it then just click 4 corners of your decvice

night mode
this feature will help you if you want to watch a video or a movie night times 

volume increase
if your device has a low volume or the video has low volume the this app will increase to 200% which will be loud enough

theme change
if the existing theme is not good for you then you can change it by your self

you can hide your videos if you want

capable with and video format
this app can run any video format for example avi,mp4,mvw etc 

it even has subtitles option 

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