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Androzen Pro.tpk

Andro-Zen Pro.tpk for Tizen

  • It is the another ACL for Tizen to run Android apps on Tizen.
  • It doesn't requires any Firmware Update to run on Tizen Device.
  • It will convert any APK file to TPK file.
  • You will be able to install any APK file on Tizen Homescreen.
  • You need not to enable unknown sources or do any other things, simply download and install this Emulator (ACL) on your Tizen Device and enjoy Android apps on Tizen.

More Details About Andro-Zen Pro for Tizen:

  • New Features :-
- No need to enable side loading (No need Flashing process/No need computer/No need Firmware Update)
- Enable to install APK file direcly to Tizen system.

  • Installation Guide :-
- Uninstall any emulator (ACL/Andro-Zen/Andro-Zen Plus) from your device
- Install Andro-Zen Pro
- Restart device if needed (Please wait, first running need more time to load)

How to Download Andro-Zen Pro:

  • Below are the links given of Different Andro-Zen Pro Emulators (ACL) for different Tizen devices.
  • Simply click on Download Button and you will be redirected to Mediafire cloud storage service.

There is no any shorten links, so you'll not face any problems while downloading.

  • If Andro-Zen Pro is being downloaded as Andro-Zen Pro.zip format than use any android browser to download it. If you'll use Tizen default browser to download Andro-Zen Pro, it will always be downloaded in .zip format.
  • So, use any Android Browser or any other download manager except than Tizen to download Andro-Zen Pro.
  • After Andro-Zen Pro is being download in .tpk extension, simply use your default Tizen File Manager to install it.

Downloading Links:

    Andro-Zen Pro for Z1:

      Andro-Zen Pro for Z2 & Z3:

      Andro-Zen Pro for Z4:

      • Also you'll need Yalp store.tpk externally to install on your Z4.

      Yalp Store.tpk for Z4:

      Important for Z4 users :

      • Since Samsung Z4 is the latest Tizen device launched, it has a very high security measures.
      • So, it's very hard to run Andro-Zen Pro on Samsung Z4.
      • So Samsung Z4 users have to perform a Firmware Update to their Z4 device to run Andro-Zen Pro in their Z4 without any errors.
      • So here is tutorial on how to do Firmware Update to your Tizen Device, click on this to do Firmware Update ➳ Firmware Update

      • After you install Andro-Zen Pro successfully on your Tizen device, Watch this video how to use it on Z1, Z2, Z3 :

      • Video Tutorial for Samsung Z4 users:

      Any Problems ?

      Mail me: 8danurag03@gmail.com

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